Stanley C. Hollander Best Paper Award

Presented at each CHARM conference beginning in 1997, the Stanley C. Hollander Best Paper Award honors not just the recipient, but also the memory of the late Stanley C. Hollander (1919-2004). Stan was a great retailing scholar, a true macromarketer, and a passionate marketing historian.

In March 2009, the inaugural issue of the Journal of Historical Research in Marketing was dedicated to Hollander and his work. The lead article in that issue is an autobiography by Hollander. He was a faculty member of the Department of Marketing and Transportation Administration at Michigan State University (MSU) for most of his career and for the duration of his involvement with CHARM, and was a highly respected scholar within the marketing discipline. That created for him a network of personal and institutional connections that was instrumental in supporting and running the early CHARM conferences.

Six of the first eleven CHARM conferences were hosted at MSU. Colleagues there, such as Ronald Savitt, William Lazer, and later Robert Nason, as well as Hollander’s close friend and colleague, Terry Nevett at Central Michigan University, provided knowledge, contacts, funding, and in-kind support. Kathleen Whitney, Steven Kopp, Diana Twede, and Jeffrey Schmidt co-edited various conference proceedings.

Hollander, Savitt, and Lazer formed the nucleus of what was called the “advisory committee” for the first conference. Over time that committee grew and became an important sounding board for Hollander’s ideas about the conference. However, it was only a sounding board because everyone knew who was in charge. In 2003, the CHARM Association was officially founded to continue the organization and management of the CHARM conference.

Past Winners of the Hollander Award

2021 – Michael Funke, “Swedish Advertisers” Association and the Institutional Development of Swedish Export Promotion 1955-1972

2019 – Neil Ewins, Variations in American Marketing Practices of Early Nineteenth Century Ceramic Importers and Dealers, Reflecting Culture and Identity

David Clampin (left) presenting the Hollander Award to Neil Ewins (right) at CHARM 2019
Photo credit: D.G. Brian Jones

2017 – Fred Beard, Archiving the Archives: The World’s Collections of Historical Advertisements and Marketing Ephemera

2015 – Lilly Anne Buchwitz, A Model of Radio and Internet Advertising History

Blaine Branchik presenting the Hollander Award to Lilly Anne Buchwitz at CHARM 2015
Photo: D.G. Brian Jones

2013 – Dale Miller and Bill Merrilees, Historical Ambidextrous Marketing Antipodean Perspectives 1876 to 1915

Leighann Neilson (middle) presenting the Hollander Award to Dale Miller (left) and Bill Merrilees (right) at CHARM 2013
Photo: D.G. Brian Jones

2011 – Leighann C. Neilson, John Murray Gibbon (1875-1952): The Branding of a Northern Nation

2009 – Stefan Schwarzkopf, The ‘Consumer Jury’: Historical Origins and Social Consequences of a Marketing Myth

2007 – Stefan Schwarzkopf, Consumer Voice and Brand Loyalty: Lever, J. Walter Thompson and the Rise of Market Research in Britain, 1918 – 1939

2005 – Diana Twede, The Origins of Paper-based Packaging

2003 – D.G. Brian Jones, Simon Litman: A Pioneer in Marketing

2001 – James L. Solow, Exorcising the Ghost of Cigarette Advertising Past: Collusion, Regulation, and Fear Advertising

Diana Twede presenting the Best Paper Award to John Solow at CHARM 2001
Photo: D.G. Brian Jones

1999 – Donald F. Dixon, Some Late Nineteenth Century Antecedents of Marketing Theory

1997 – Terrence H. Witkowski, Gendered Patterns of Consumption in the Early American Household, 1750-1825