David D. Monieson Best Student Paper Award

The David D. Monieson Best Student Paper Award has been part of the CHARM conference since 1997. David D. (Danny) Monieson was Emeritus Nabisco Professor of Marketing at Queen’s University, Canada, until his passing on September 20, 2008.

Born and raised in Montreal, Monieson was educated in economics and statistics at the University of Vermont (1949), earned his MBA at Miami University of Ohio (1951) and PhD in Marketing at Ohio State University (1957). After serving on the faculties of the University of Toronto and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Monieson joined the School of Business at Queen’s University in 1961. Twice a recipient of the Queen’s Commerce Society Teaching Excellence Award, during more than three decades as a marketing teacher and consultant, Monieson inspired students and business leaders alike.

Dan Monieson (right) pictured with his former student Mel Goodes
Photo source: Smith School of Business, Queen’s University

Between 1983 and 1992 at Queen’s University, he taught a doctoral seminar on the philosophy and history of marketing thought. Several of Monieson’s students have followed his research interests in marketing history and the history of marketing thought.

Past Winners of the Monieson Award

2021 – No prize was awarded

2019 – Daniel Guadagnolo, Why Did Uptown Go Down in Flames? Uptown Cigarettes and the Targeted Marketing Crisis

Brian Jones (right) presenting the Best Student Paper Award to Daniel Guadagnolo at CHARM 2019

2017 – Elin Astrom Rudberg, Selling the Concept of Brands: The Swedish Advertising Industry and Branding in the 1920’s

2015 – Rhodora G. Vennarucci, Marketing an Urban Identity: The Shops and Shopkeepers of Ancient Rome

Brian Jones presenting the Best Student Paper Award to Rhodora Vennarucci at CHARM 2015

2013 – Julia Grosse-Boerger, Racing and the Motorization of the German People: 50 Years of the Automobile at the 1935 and 1936 Berlin Auto Shows

Brian Jones presenting the Best Student Paper Award to Julia Grosse-Boerger at CHARM 2013

2011 – No prize was awarded

2009 – Ann-Marie Kennedy Thompson, The New Zealand Sunday-Keep Sunday Free: An Historical Narrative of the Shop Trading Hours Legislation in New Zealand

2007 – No prize was awarded

2005 – Garth Harris, Sydney Levy: Challenging the Philosophical Assumptions of Marketing

2003 – Leighann Neilson, Marketing the Forest Primeval

2001 – Leighann Neilson, The Development of Marketing in the Canadian Museum Community, 1840-1989

Peggy Cunningham (right) presenting the Best Student Paper Award to Leighann Neilson at CHARM 2001
Photo credit: D.G. Brian Jones

1999 – David Bussire, Evidence of Marketing Periodical Literature Within the American Economic Association, 1895-1914

1997 – Maureen Hupfer, Anything in Skirts Stands a Chance: Marketing the Canadian North-West to British Women, 1880-1914